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Men Viewing Violence

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The annual Hetherington Memorial Lecture is in honour of Alastair Hetherington who was Emeritus Professor in the Department of Film, Media & Journalism. Alastair was previously a prestigious editor of The Guardian and Controller of BBC Scotland.
Roy Greenslade


Not ‘my country right or wrong’: journalists and war reporting

Thank you, Philip, for that introduction. It’s a great honour to be asked here. I follow in the footsteps of several luminaries who have previously delivered the Hetherington Lecture, including two editors of the Guardian - Peter Preston and Alan Rusbridger - and a possible future editor, Jonathan Freedland... [read complete]

Roy Greenslade
presenting the 2004 lecture

Jonathan Freedland

University of Stirling, 22.10.03

Can a Newspaper Make Peace?

"... I was interested in the lineage of my predecessors as deliverers of the Hetherington Lecture. People always accuse the media of liberal bias. Looking at the predecessors and seeing that the list includes Peter Preston of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger of the Guardian, Jon Snow, from Channel 4 News, Sheena McDonald and now me ..."
[read complete]

Jonathan Freedland presenting the 2003 lecture

Sheena McDonald

Sleeping With the Enemy?
How Independent is British Journalism?

Logie Lecture Theatre Wednesday 23 October 2002.

"...The world is suddenly screen-shaped - that's okay - we understand that territory - immediate - there is barely a cornert of the globe from where we cannot almost immeditaely broadcast thanks to new technology - and interactive - sounds like a good idea if the citizen can talk back in these disenchanted days.../... And what do we see, nestling in the fluff? I suggest we see enemies. So I'm going to talk about SLEEPING WITH ENEMY..."[read complete]


Alan Rusbridger

Logie Theatre, University of Stirling
Wednesday 7 November 2001

Politicians, the Press and Political Language

"...This stability of editorships has led to a general belief in the values of continuity. There have never been great historic purges of staff, as has happened to many other papers. Several colleagues on the Guardian today worked alongside Alastair..." [read complete]

Jon Snow

1 November 2000

Journalism, the Techno Revolution and the Art of Disinformation

"If you had asked me as a student whether I would ever be asked to address such a gathering as this in the memory of such a man, I would have conjured something about flying pigs in response..."
[read complete]


Peter Preston

The Newspaper of the Future

Inaugural Hetherington Lecture
29 September 1999

"The curse and the glory of daily journalism is that it is indeed daily - first, rough drafts of history cleared away by the office cleaners with the next dawn, emptied like the slops of the night before's cold coffee. That means your triumphs are short-lived - but also, blessedly, that most of your goofs are short-lived, too..." [read complete]


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